Marista Rose Otto Essential Oil 10ml


Rose Otto Dilution 9,99% in Grape Seed & Almond oil.

The product is a combination of natural vegetable oils and essential rose oil. The oil is used as an aphrodisiac. It has anti-stress and relaxing effects.



Active Ingredients:

  • Rosa Damascena Oil
  • Vitis Vinvfera Oil
  • Prunus Dulcis Oil
  • Citronellol
  • Geraniol

How to use :

To create your own custom wellness and bath add 10-20 drops from the oil in the bath. Lie yourself down into the bath and let its healing virtue take effect on your body, while the seductive aroma embraces you with the aura of peace and comfort and makes you feel yourself as reborn. A stay of 15-20 minutes in the bath is sufficient. Then put on a cotton bathrobe or a towel without rubbing. Leave the skin to absorb the wet. You can also add 5-8 drops in an aromatherapy diffuser to scent your space or eliminate unpleasant odors.


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